Tuesday, 20 November 2007

oi! The cold

I am Carla and I knit and live in Rome. I have trouble keeping up with things (as is witnessed by my every day life), so forgive me for my randomness and inconsistency. I have been forcing myself to write a blog, but it's slim-pickins. This is my first swap and I cannot wait to go shopping for it. I love the sea too (ciao gomitolina!) and lived in Sicily (Ragusa) for 2 years. My parents are both from there, so I spent every summer in Marina di Ragusa. It's been a while since I've been anywhere that wasn't boring nor flat (hello Ohio!). Anyway, I digress (I had warned you people!). Off I go to wear socks (handmade socks) and brave the cold.

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gomitolina said...

I'll wait you for a sea bath in Palermo! Now it's not so bad, but where I live, by the sea, it's cold by night, so I wear my hand made socks too. Let's knit!