Tuesday, 20 November 2007

From Italy with a headache

Non è ora di crescere!
Hi everyone, my name is Silvia, also known as Typesetter and also known as Alice Twain. My blog used to be A Typesetter's Day 3.0, yet after a server crash I have been unable to edit it for two weeks now (hence the headache!). YOu can still follow my knitting (dis)adventures through Ravelry (for those who are in it) and through my Flikr photostream. I do not have much else to say right now, except that I have already been able (what a champ!) to mess with the SwapBot: my gifts show as mailed, but they haven't been purchased yet. I am a living time paradox, yeah!


oleevia said...

I love those socks, but I think I am IN love with those shoes. *drool*

Typesetter said...

Good old not cheap but comfy and durable Clark's.