Friday, 30 November 2007

Hi there!

I too have been away for a couple of days and was really busy afterwards as well, but now I'm here and all into this! It's great to see that everybody is so involved and I just know this will be a great swap for me and I hope everybody will end up feeling the same way about it!

The package for my pal is coming together these days. I spent quite a while in my lys today after I got some very helpful tips from another swapper. There are just very few items missing.
This is something not knitting related I had to buy for myself the minute I saw it and I figured my pal might like it too... so I bought two!

If I don't manage to get my package to the post office tomorrow, it will certainly be on its way on Monday. I'll try to take an action shot as well and post it here the minute I return.

Happy swapping everybody!

Package arrived!!!

Today it arrived, my wonderful package from Rome / Italy!! Beautiful yarns, delicious chocolate, teas, and my absolute favorite highlight: a small sheep in which is hidden a tape measure in cm and inches!!! (Did you make it yourself?) Fabulous! I´m very happy!! Thank you so much Carla!

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Hello from Germany

Hi, I´m Martaah from Germany and it´s my first swap. I loved to find items for my secret pal, because her profile is very detailed, and I hope she likes the things I dedicated to her.
Unfortunately, I already sent my package before I finally managed to sign in this blog.
But it´ s on its way now and soon (no idea how long it takes, it´s a country I never sent anything to before) it will be there. enjoy it!!

Hiya everyone!

Hiya fellow euro-knitters!

It's Charlie from Manchester, England here..........I have been away in Florence, Italy for the last week so this is my first chance to post on here.

This is my first swap and I hope I don't disappoint. I have been stalking my victim via her blog (!) and I really hope she likes the goodies I am parcelling up to send to her!

I really want to spoil the recipient as it is always a joy to recieve a parcel of goodies from far away! I have spent quite a few hours deciding over the contents of my box and now I am trying to cram it all in.

I will take a picture of the box and pop it into the post tomorrow!!

Love to you all!


Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Ready to go!!!!

Ok, everything is ready. Tomorrow, I'll go to the Post Office. And what a surprise will have.....Shhhhhhhh, it's a great secret!

Package Arrived!!

Thank you very much Typesetter! This arrived yesterday just as I was leaving the house to go to my knitting group, so I opened it late last night when I got back. It is a lovely package & really brightened my day.
The alpaca is very soft and beautifully coloured in variegated browns and golds. Now, how did you know that the pale blue /green mohair is one of those colours that is so integral to my wardrobe? And the deep blue wool-cotton is lovely and soft as well as pretty. There were also chocolate, almond pastries (really yummy!) and some grape-bilberry (sour grape type smell) vegetable soap which is already in my bathroom! Thank you again Typesetter, I shall be stalking you on Ravelry too!

Package sent!

Yesterday I sent my package! Fortunately, I found a good Post Office, where the clerks were very fast. I'm so curious about my package... when will arrive it? Typesetter says that the problems in Italy are for incoming packages, not for the outgoing ones... we'll see!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

I've been shopping

So, I finally got a chance to do a bit of shopping for the swap today. I couldn't get too much as it was during my lunch hour and an hour isn't enough to get to my LYS and back again, so I had to go somewhere else. I have Friday afternoon off work, so plan to do the rest then (meaning I have to drag my poor brother around yarn stores!) and then in the post on Friday or Saturday.

I have some good ideas about the other things I want to get and saw something a while ago which I know will be perfect, now, if I can only remember where I saw it...

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Feeling all warm inside

I'm so glad that you are all embracing the joy of this swap and making good use of this blog, it's great to read your posts and find out more about you all, it should make it easier to know what to send our partners after seeing little insights into each others' personalities!

I will be off shopping this week for my goodies, I'm really looking forward to it, although if I find some extra special things, I might end up having to buy double so I don't get jealous of the things I'm sending and won't be tempted to keep them for myself!

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Off it (kinda) goes...

I managed to send my package today, but it wasn't an easy task. I had underestimated the effort of actually battling the post office to do so. Silly silly me.
Anyway, the package is insured and trackable, so I'll start my OCD routine of checking it every 25 seconds.
I cannot wait for my recipient to get it!

Hi Everybody

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm Claudia, or Clau, from Germany. I'm rather more of a paper artist than a knitter, but I recently rediscovered knitting and really enjoy it. I focus on small projects though, like socks, scarves or hats for fear of losing patience ;)

Thanks to Natural Born Knitter for setting up this blog. It' ll be so much fun to see what everybody chose for their packages. I already started to look for some goodies, but haven't bought anything yet. I like Gabriella's idea of also adding some special Christmas related things and I'll probably adopt it :)

With so many Italians taking part in this swap I'd like to say: Ciao a tutti, buona giornata e Happy Swapping!


Friday, 23 November 2007

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Hi from the Robin Hood Country!

Good afternoon everyone,
How exciting to be in another international swap! I am particularly thrilled to see so many Italians here :)
I have already started putting together the goodies for my "victim" and it is so much fun... such a shame not to be a fly on the wall and watch the ceremony of opening the parcel ;-)
With Christmas approaching, I think I will add some special English xmas goodies to the box, which reminds me of something important: what about food allergies? I hope everyone has included these in their profile, or maybe could create an extra entry in this blog?

Now I have to get back to work, but firstly I wanted to say thank you to our master aka swap organizer cosmicnail for setting up this blog :) I hope it will also be used to upload piccies of the goodies we are going to get, in due time :)


Gabriella, a Sardinian in exile in the UK ;-)

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

hi! I'm macati

I'm macati (my nickname) and I'm from Portugal. I have a blog which you can read in Portuguese and in English... every Wednesdays I have an article called "magical pieces" where I share a bit about me! It's called macati. enjoy yourself...
I do more crocheting than knitting and when I knit I do scarves (it's always an easy project, right?)... some time ago I decided to knit a sweater but I'm a bit afraid of it's result!

oi! The cold

I am Carla and I knit and live in Rome. I have trouble keeping up with things (as is witnessed by my every day life), so forgive me for my randomness and inconsistency. I have been forcing myself to write a blog, but it's slim-pickins. This is my first swap and I cannot wait to go shopping for it. I love the sea too (ciao gomitolina!) and lived in Sicily (Ragusa) for 2 years. My parents are both from there, so I spent every summer in Marina di Ragusa. It's been a while since I've been anywhere that wasn't boring nor flat (hello Ohio!). Anyway, I digress (I had warned you people!). Off I go to wear socks (handmade socks) and brave the cold.


I'm so glad to see you guys posting so soon! I hope this is a sign that this will be a great swap!

I'm really looking forward to what everyone has to say and to see what everyone receives!

From Italy with a headache

Non è ora di crescere!
Hi everyone, my name is Silvia, also known as Typesetter and also known as Alice Twain. My blog used to be A Typesetter's Day 3.0, yet after a server crash I have been unable to edit it for two weeks now (hence the headache!). YOu can still follow my knitting (dis)adventures through Ravelry (for those who are in it) and through my Flikr photostream. I do not have much else to say right now, except that I have already been able (what a champ!) to mess with the SwapBot: my gifts show as mailed, but they haven't been purchased yet. I am a living time paradox, yeah!


Hi everybody! My name is gomitolina, and I have joined the swap. My blog has been written in Italian until now, but I'll manage to write it in English too... it will be a good experiment for me: I've not been practising the language for a while, so I apologize since now for the foolish things I'll write!
My nickname, "gomitolina", means somewhat like "little skein" or "little yarn ball", which is what I actually feel: soft but sometimes inextricable...
I live in Palermo, Sicily, by the sea, of which I'm fond of, and I think that soon I'll start a group on Ravelry (where you can find me as gomitolina) for Sicily lovers. I love knittins socks, lace patterns, stranded... and I sing in a gospel choir!

I can't look forward to knowing my secret knitting pals! ...if you receive some sicilian goodies, it's me.

Here we are!

The project is very good: a swap between knitters from all over the world. And so, here we are, thinking what can we send and where. It's so amazing! Now, I'm ready to send and receive. Wool, wool, wool, italian wool, and some knittin' needles and pattern, in english, of course, or so easy to translate. I like very much coloured knitted needles and circular, in large size. I love to knit large wool, to make scarf and bags. Thanks a lot to everyone is invited and take part at this beautiful swap.

Partners Have Been Assigned

You should all now have received the name of your partner for the swap. That means you now have two weeks to look over your partner's profile to see what the like/dislike and to pick a lovely knitting - related gift to send them.

Don't forget that the send date for this swap is 3rd December.


I was asked by a member of my Secret Knitting Pal - Europe swap on Swap Bot to set up a blog for the swap so members can post pictures and comments about the swap, so that is exactly what I am doing!