Friday, 30 November 2007

Hi there!

I too have been away for a couple of days and was really busy afterwards as well, but now I'm here and all into this! It's great to see that everybody is so involved and I just know this will be a great swap for me and I hope everybody will end up feeling the same way about it!

The package for my pal is coming together these days. I spent quite a while in my lys today after I got some very helpful tips from another swapper. There are just very few items missing.
This is something not knitting related I had to buy for myself the minute I saw it and I figured my pal might like it too... so I bought two!

If I don't manage to get my package to the post office tomorrow, it will certainly be on its way on Monday. I'll try to take an action shot as well and post it here the minute I return.

Happy swapping everybody!

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