Friday, 28 December 2007

Round 2

Hello everyone.

I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and got lots of knitting goodies from Santa!

I am planning to do another round of this swap soon, so be prepared! I will be keeping it for Europe only though as I have had problems with sending things to the USA and I don't want anyone to be upset if for some reason they can't receive their package.

See you all soon!

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Happy Christmas Everyone!

I hope you all have a lovely time over the holiday!

Lots of love Charliexxx

Friday, 14 December 2007

Showing off!

I have just taken a picture of the fidget, which I did using Sarena's present:

Le Fidget, fini!

I just couldn't resist the call of the yarn any longer, and it is so nice and toasty warm!!!
And what are you doing with your yarn??

A big big big massive thank you to Saalis!!

Yeh! I got my package from Saalis last night! It's brilliant!

She really got the measure of me as it was filled with lovely pink goodies and soft squishy yarn!

Actually, I think she might be a mindreader as I was reading all about Knit Picks Wool of the Andes a couple of days ago on Ravelry and thinking about ordering some, then she sends me two skeins of it in a gorgeous shade called Hollyberry! I think I will be using these for some slipper socks for me once I've got my Christmas knitting out of the way - my feet are sooo cold at the moment!!

I was also shopping for rose-scented items for my sister in law's Christmas present the other day and wishing I was buying for myself, then Saalis sends me a pretty rose soap!

The fabric I got was really cute! Frogs on a pink background! I think I will use that to make a little purse in the new year!

In addition, I got some super soft Wendy Allegra which I am going to use as a luxurious trim on some gloves and a hat for myself and some sparkly pink pens. How did she know I'm always writing notes and cards to people with pinky pens?! This girl must be psychic!!!

Saalis's parcel really lifted my spirits after a crap day! And It was all accompanied by a lovely cheery handwritten note - perfect!!

Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!!!!!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

My parcel from Marylyn!

Yesterday, at lunch time, the parcel from my secret knitting pal Marylyn has arrived! How wonderful it is! There was a little bag, that I needed for because the bag in which I usually keep the socks I'm knitting has a hole, a lovely REAL HANDPAINTED SOCKYARN SKEIN from Araucania, which is impossible to find here in Palermo, that I will transform in Monkey socks as soon as possible, two pink balls of soft cotton/angora from Debbie Bliss, with which I can make a hat, purple double pointed needles, a chocolate (that I eated almost immediately), and a lavender smelling little cushion that I've put among my lingerie. I brought my parcel to my knitting class, to let the girls look at it: they were amazed!

Thank you, Marylyn, thanks, thanks, THANKS!

PS. the parcel I've sent arrived at destination, according to local post, december 3. My partner hasn't posted yet. I'm a bit concerned....

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Arrived!!! Thanks Süßstoff!

This morning the postman gave me my packet!
Wonderful, 4 yarns of a soft cotton, tea, chocolate, a little mould, an embrodery book, circular bamboo needles and 4 little snowflocks... Thanks Süßstoff, I love everythig! I'll knit a scarf and I'll stich some hearts. I'll send you a pic of my works when I finish them.
This is my first swap and I'm a little shy to had sent so few stuffs to my partner. Forgive me!


First of all, let me share with you a secret: I'm a late morning sleeper (and a hard sleeper at that). And yet, the past week, at the mere buzz of the intercom, I've catapulted myself out of bed and "run" to the door. I've let in anyone who has buzzed, but not the person I most wanted to let in: the postman. This morning had a different feel to it. I even ran to the door and answered, only to find out from my bedmate that no one had rung. And then it came, buzz and then buzz buzz. A friendly voice from afar, telling me there is a package for me and to run downstairs. I got dressed at record speed and ran, unwashed face and crazy hair, downstairs. I did a little dance and held back a little yelp. There it was!!
And now I share this beautiful package from Portugal with all of you.
Let me point out that, in my haste and frenzy, I still took time to appreciate Portugal's beautiful stamps:

And then after ripping out the industrial strength scotch-tape, here is what greeted my eye:

I will admit that for a minute yarn was not on my mind. At all. I ruffled through the pink paper and found candy. I love candy!

And then I dove in and pulled out the following yarn. Let me just say that yarn wrapped in a bow is the equivalent of George Clooney wrapped in a bow for my non-knitting part of the brain: it rocks.
This skein is a beautiful strawberry pink and I think it will make a kicking hat.

This is the softest yarn I have ever felt and I am still not sure what will be of it. Whatever it is, it will be a pleasure to wear.

And last, but definitely not least, let's talk about Paula's mind-reading abilities. I have been knitting and crocheting flowers as Xmas presents with some Noro yarn that quickly ran out. What does she present me with if not basically the awesomer (I am making up words like a pro today) and way less scratchy equivalent?

Thank you so much for making jumping out of bed so early so much fun, Paula. I cannot wait for the next swap!!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

I have a pic to show off :)

See what our swap organizer sent me:

To read more on the goodies, please check my flickr pictures :)

Monday, 10 December 2007

Thank you, Charlie!

It's here! My package arrived today and it's absolutely wonderful!
It felt like Christmas when I took out all of the lovely things Charlie Chuckels aka Purl City sent me.

I really can't thank you enough, Charlie. You certainly made my day!

There are some more pictures on my blog. You especially need to take a closer look at Charlie's gorgeous hand-dyed yarn!


Wool, tea, chocolate, some Christmas item, needles, everything so violet!!!Thank you Clau for your gift. Now, I'll made a scarf with your wool, and I'll send you a picture. It's so amazing to make this game, not only to receive, but to choose and send too. Thank you very much, you make me so happy, a big kiss in German where you live, and thank you for the words in italian! Sei molto brava! I wish you a warm Christmas, with the ones you love.
And a big thank you to everyone in this blog. I hope to repeat this experience.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

I am a very happy bunny!

I trotted down to the post office in the rain yesterday to collect what turned out to be the most wonderful parcel I have ever received! I really have been spoiled indeed, so many balls of yarn!

My parcel came from Laura Nani (Diamanterosa) in Italy. She obviously looked over my profile carefully as there were some lovely things in there that relate to things I adore! There were two little soy sauce dishes with chopstick holders - so cute! And some rose napkins and rose and lavender air fresheners, plus, some lavender from her garden!

There was also a lovely pattern book and I just love all of the patterns in there!

I am really looking forward to trying out all of the yarns. Can you believe that there were 17 balls in total??!!! How lucky am I!?

Most of the yarn is Filatura di Crosa, which I have never seen before, I especially love the merino. There was also some Re Fa Baruffa Club, which again is lovely, it's so soft. There was also a ball of Martifil Diva, which is red with silver sparkles in is, which is great, I think I will make a slinky sexy scarf with that!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift! And thanks to everyone else for taking part and making this a great swap for everyone involved, especially since it was the first time I have hosted a swap. Thanks for the star too!

As I said, I plan to do another round in the New year and I hope that you will all take part again, it's so nice to receive yarns from other countries, sometimes you don't realise how much more beautiful yarn there is out there just waiting for us to get our needles into!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

A wonderful envelope from Switzerland...

...arrived here this afternoon! I was surprised to receive mail so late on a Saturday, we usually get the last delivery at you so much to Serena aka Cosmicnail, our swap master!! How exciting is it to have as pal the very swap master??? Very, very exciting!

After opening the envelope (a bit wet, but thankfully just the outside and not the content!) I found these marvellous things:

- two skeins of burgundy Schachenmeyer nomotta Alpaka Fashion (so very soft!)
- one skein of Anny Blatt's Batik
- one skein of Zitron's Loft (I adore!!)

then, hidden in the skeins, were a bag of mixed mother of pearl buttons in green and sea colours (yummylicious!!)and a silver bag with inside 4 wonderful stitch markers, each a unicate, made of glass and china (I think?).
But it is not over yet... I found also 4 bags of assorted teas (how did you know I love teas in all variations??) and... roll drums...a little jar of hand balm (just what I need in the cold season for my very dry hands!) and finally, a cute bee-decorated retractable measuring tape, both with cm and inches!!

I feel so spoiled it's unreal... thank you so much Serena!!

It is a bit early to reveal plans for the yarn, however I think that the two skeins of Alpaka will be nice combined with some lilac/pink noro blossom that I have somewhere in the house. I was thinking of long mitts (a bit like Berroco's Annlina) or a scarf from the Norah Gaughan series... hmm...decisions, decisions...

I so much would like to upload pictures of all the goodies, however right now I am "separated" from my camera, which I have lent to my other half, today out and about. Tomorrow, when the light will also be better, I am hoping to upload a pic or two, and more will follow on my blog, which really needs updating!
In the meantime I would like to wish you all a happy second advent tomorrow, and leave with you this picture of Carl Larsson, one of my fav painters :)

Friday, 7 December 2007

Thanks everyone

I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone for taking part in this swap. I was really pleased to see there are no 'no sends'. I look forward to seeing what everyone received and hope to do another round soon but will probably wait until after Christmas.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

And in it comes!

Annalisa's bag of goodies has landed on my desk while I was at home with the flu yesterday so I found it (and several KnitPicks circs, yay!) on my desk this morning.

SP Europe

Read the full comment on my blog, just recently rehabilitated!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

It's on its way!

Hi there!

My parcel is in the post! I got my camera ready to take a picture of it before giving it to my husband to send off but by the time we had firmly wrapped it up and addressed it, I forgot to take the picture!!

In the end the parcel didn't go into the post until Monday as I decided to put in some last minute extras over the weekend!

I really hope Seussstoff likes it!

I can't wait to get my parcel, I'm like a child waiting for Christmas!!

Take care everyone!

Monday, 3 December 2007

Off it goes...

My parcel went off by priority Swiss mail (whatever that means over here!) today, so will hopefully will arrive in England within the week. I didn't get a chance to take a photo as I handed it over as I failed to take my camera to work, besides, I don't know how to explain the the cashier in French that I want to take a picture of my parcel as it's sent on it's way!

I look forward to hearing my partner's thoughts on what I sent her.

I will hopefully be starting a round 2 of this swap in the near future....

closer than thought!

I've sent my package today and I hope she'll enjoy the stuffs I've sent!
wish you all quick packages arrivals! :)
manela aka macati

My parcel is in the hands of the Royal Mail!

Yay!!! I have just handed over my secret package to the post office man, and hopefully will be arriving in the sunny south soon!
I had to get armed with umbrella & waterproof coat for the heavy rain, a woollen hat and gloves against the cold wind, and then put the parcel into a large plastic bag to avoid it being sopping wet during my 3 min walk to the PO...well, I fought all the way but it was worth the "exercise". Now, I am going t sit down with a nice cup of hot chocolate, relax and wait for the parcel to arrive!

It's on its way

I just returned from our post office where I dropped off my package to Italy!
The woman in the post office jumped to the side when I explained that I needed to take a picture - even though I told her she wouldn't be in it... (I might have reacted the same way!)

Saturday, 1 December 2007


My fabulous parcel arrived yesterday from Fiona in Edinburgh and what a beauty it is!

Here it all is. Twilleys Freedom Spirit I know is perfect for felting. There is a skein of Noro Iro and 2 different shades of Mission Falls 1824 wool which tone with the Noro - I must try to think of a way of incorporating them all together -any suggestions? There is also a great notebook and 3 toggle buttons who were camera shy and hid while the photo was being taken. But wait...what is that.....

It is silk, but not just silk...beautiful, beautiful silk from Teo's shop on the Isle of Skye. I really love this and can't wait to finish the boring Grey cardi I am knitting for my daughter's boyfriend's Christmas present.
Oh and then there was

This card with a rosette made from Scottish tweed with a vintage button which looks perfect on a red cardigan. Thanks so much Fiona.
Now how about another round of this swap as the Secret Pal big swap is taking a break?

Package sent

Done :) My package was mailed today. I really enjoyed picking the items for the package. Now I can't wait to hear if my partner likes what I chose for her. Hope it arrives quickly and safely.


I finally managed to finish my shopping for my pal today. After a lot of umming and ahhing and traipsing about Geneva in the rain, I finally managed to get everything I wanted. I'm actually quite jealous of some of the things I have bought and might have to go back to get things for myself!

I didn't get a chance to get the package in the post today but it will be off on Monday. I just hope my partner likes what I bought!