Saturday, 8 December 2007

A wonderful envelope from Switzerland...

...arrived here this afternoon! I was surprised to receive mail so late on a Saturday, we usually get the last delivery at you so much to Serena aka Cosmicnail, our swap master!! How exciting is it to have as pal the very swap master??? Very, very exciting!

After opening the envelope (a bit wet, but thankfully just the outside and not the content!) I found these marvellous things:

- two skeins of burgundy Schachenmeyer nomotta Alpaka Fashion (so very soft!)
- one skein of Anny Blatt's Batik
- one skein of Zitron's Loft (I adore!!)

then, hidden in the skeins, were a bag of mixed mother of pearl buttons in green and sea colours (yummylicious!!)and a silver bag with inside 4 wonderful stitch markers, each a unicate, made of glass and china (I think?).
But it is not over yet... I found also 4 bags of assorted teas (how did you know I love teas in all variations??) and... roll drums...a little jar of hand balm (just what I need in the cold season for my very dry hands!) and finally, a cute bee-decorated retractable measuring tape, both with cm and inches!!

I feel so spoiled it's unreal... thank you so much Serena!!

It is a bit early to reveal plans for the yarn, however I think that the two skeins of Alpaka will be nice combined with some lilac/pink noro blossom that I have somewhere in the house. I was thinking of long mitts (a bit like Berroco's Annlina) or a scarf from the Norah Gaughan series... hmm...decisions, decisions...

I so much would like to upload pictures of all the goodies, however right now I am "separated" from my camera, which I have lent to my other half, today out and about. Tomorrow, when the light will also be better, I am hoping to upload a pic or two, and more will follow on my blog, which really needs updating!
In the meantime I would like to wish you all a happy second advent tomorrow, and leave with you this picture of Carl Larsson, one of my fav painters :)


Natural Born Knitter said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Süßstoff said...

Sounds like a really great package! I'm glad you got so lucky, too.

YowlYY said...

I love everything!! Although I have already so much yarn and things OTN, I have already started to work with the Loft is great to work with!