Thursday, 13 December 2007

My parcel from Marylyn!

Yesterday, at lunch time, the parcel from my secret knitting pal Marylyn has arrived! How wonderful it is! There was a little bag, that I needed for because the bag in which I usually keep the socks I'm knitting has a hole, a lovely REAL HANDPAINTED SOCKYARN SKEIN from Araucania, which is impossible to find here in Palermo, that I will transform in Monkey socks as soon as possible, two pink balls of soft cotton/angora from Debbie Bliss, with which I can make a hat, purple double pointed needles, a chocolate (that I eated almost immediately), and a lavender smelling little cushion that I've put among my lingerie. I brought my parcel to my knitting class, to let the girls look at it: they were amazed!

Thank you, Marylyn, thanks, thanks, THANKS!

PS. the parcel I've sent arrived at destination, according to local post, december 3. My partner hasn't posted yet. I'm a bit concerned....


YowlYY said...

I *love* that Araucania sock yarn... my LYS has recently stocked a few of the colourways, and I had to literally smack my hands to stop buying it, as I had already spent £78 on yarn in the shop that day! It looks like you've hit gold with your swap partner too :)

Süßstoff said...

How cute! You look so very happy.
I just hope the rest of us will be so lucky as we all were!