Sunday, 9 December 2007

I am a very happy bunny!

I trotted down to the post office in the rain yesterday to collect what turned out to be the most wonderful parcel I have ever received! I really have been spoiled indeed, so many balls of yarn!

My parcel came from Laura Nani (Diamanterosa) in Italy. She obviously looked over my profile carefully as there were some lovely things in there that relate to things I adore! There were two little soy sauce dishes with chopstick holders - so cute! And some rose napkins and rose and lavender air fresheners, plus, some lavender from her garden!

There was also a lovely pattern book and I just love all of the patterns in there!

I am really looking forward to trying out all of the yarns. Can you believe that there were 17 balls in total??!!! How lucky am I!?

Most of the yarn is Filatura di Crosa, which I have never seen before, I especially love the merino. There was also some Re Fa Baruffa Club, which again is lovely, it's so soft. There was also a ball of Martifil Diva, which is red with silver sparkles in is, which is great, I think I will make a slinky sexy scarf with that!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift! And thanks to everyone else for taking part and making this a great swap for everyone involved, especially since it was the first time I have hosted a swap. Thanks for the star too!

As I said, I plan to do another round in the New year and I hope that you will all take part again, it's so nice to receive yarns from other countries, sometimes you don't realise how much more beautiful yarn there is out there just waiting for us to get our needles into!

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